Dealing with irritation…

So, last week while unlocked for shaving and cleaning I knicked myself.  Yes, MrsL still allows me to clean and shave myself; although, she will tie me down sometimes to shave me and uses that as a prolonged tease & denial session.  My mistake when it happened was not informing MrsL and putting my Bon4 back on immediately after I got out of the shower.  The base ring for the Bon4 was resting just on top of the cut so over the course of the week it never really had a chance to heal.

Again, after being let out to go to my doctor’s appointment a couple of days ago I immediately went back in to my cage even though I could see and definitely feel the irritation.  Yesterday, it caught up with me!

MrsL and I went for a nice long walk after dinner.  It was absolutely wonderful just walking and talking.  Unfortunately for me, that simple little knick from shaving had had enough and by the end of the walk I knew I had to say something.  MrsL nearly punished me for not saying something sooner.  She has always said that she doesn’t want me to be in pain while I am locked up…the “discomfort” that comes from dealing with erections while being locked is okay…but not pain.  That is why I do tell her when the scar tissue from my vasectomy flairs up.

So, I am currently unlocked in hopes that a full 30+ hours will give it some the irritation some time to subside before I leave on my week long business trip tomorrow morning at 4:00 am.  I also had a bit of swelling under the head of my cock when I took off the Bon4 last night which is the first time that has happened.  Of course, MrsL took full advantage last night by teasing me relentlessly for over an hour when she came to bed.  She has become quite adept at knowing just when to pull off of her throbbing cock.  When she finally realized I was truly about to explode, she rolled off of me, kissed me gently and said, “I am getting under the covers and going to sleep, you cannot touch me until the morning now get some sleep…and sweet dreams.”

I am a different kind of frustrated right now.  I so love and crave being denied…I just hate that I created a situation requiring me to be unlocked.

2 thoughts on “Dealing with irritation…

  1. So, I have been meaning to ask, why the Bon4? I own one and tried it but the heat from the silicone and I were never good friends. Once I discovered I could fly in a Holy Trainer V2 I never looked back.

    That said, I know we all choose for different reasons and anatomies are different, so I was just curious.

    Have a good week of traveling. I’ll wave to you if we cross in some layover somewhere.



  2. D,
    We considered the HT v2. I was a bit concerned with the integrated lock and traveling at the time and have since learned it isn’t an issue. I can certainly relate to the heat issue and I think that is a major contributing factor for this irritation.

    I knew I didn’t want to try another CBxxxx so the Bon4 seemed most appropriate because the kit came with both the large and small tube and 4 ring sizes. Even though the heat can be an issue, I haven’t had any real issues with chafing this time…up until now.

    I am traveling to the great midwest…Oklahoma through Atlanta. Safe travels!


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