Leaving Her Mark

Discipline. Is it a lifestyle choice that has to be included in an enforced male chastity household?  Is it just another kink adding spice to a rediscovered and energized sex life?  Or, is it simply just what it is….discipline?  Those were the questions running through my mind a couple of months back when MrsL broached the subject with me after reading Miss Georgia Ivey Green’s ebook on male chastity.  We had use playful spankings on each other over the years while having sex but never as a form of discipline.  After thinking about it, for oh about 30 seconds when she brought it up, I instictively said yes.  Since then I have been trying to solve the paradox of how the whole discipline cycle effects me personally.  After reading Steeled Snake’s POST on this topic knowing that I was on the “hook” for another spanking for breaking a couple of newly imposed rules, I wanted to document my thoughts and emotions about the entire subject.

At first, even though MrsL brought up the subject and I agreed it took her another 2-3 weeks to finally order me to the garage.  She doesn’t want to spank me anywhere in the house where we have or may potentially have sex….and just about every room in our house has already been christened.  She started with a few rules: never leave my Keurig cup in the machine because it taints her Chai tea, shave every day, never leave clothes in the dryer, and recently added never go upstairs empty handed (referring to clean clothes or any other item that was brought downstairs).  Thinking back to the first time she asked, I distinctly remember the surge of blood forcing my Bon4 to fill up.  I was intrigued.  That is probably why I said  yes so quickly.  In my heart, submitting to her fully requires me to say yes. In my head, the hormones were crashing with the logical thoughts creating the paradox of sexual excitement yet wanting to say no.

That first session was quick and efficient.  She used a bamboo slotted spoon and only gave me 5 swats.  While I was excited walking out to the garage, dropping my shorts exposing my bare bottom, and laying over the hood of her car my mind was asking me what are you doing?  Sexual?  Yes.  Painful?  Not much (this time). Thought provoking?  Absolutely!

Fast forward to about 2 weeks back.  I had been doing laundry all day (since I work from home when not traveling I do most of the housework when I am at home).  At one point as I was walking down to get some water, MrsL stopped me and asked “how is it you hung a shirt up inside out?”  I scoffed a bit and jokingly said it would still dry that way and went on about my business.  Later that night when she came to bed and was laying on my chest she quietly and matter of factly asked:  “So, how serious should your spanking be for blatantly ignoring something I pointed out to you?”  Immediately my mind went to the shirt!  As I lay there the entire paradox was swirling through my body:  chastity cage instantly bulging from an attempted erection, body tingling with anticipation, yet my mind was stuck on I didn’t do anything wrong…the shirt still got dry!

She made me choose how many swats…which was powerful in and of itself…because I wanted it to be meaningful for both of us.  In my mind I settled on 20 and when I meekly told her how many I added, “please make sure you “leave your mark”.  All she said at that point was “I don’t know if I can…we will see.”

It took a couple of days before we had some alone time in the house.  She had gone upstairs to shower and came back down in my favorite satin pj set.  She stood over me and simply said “garage.”  I knew I was in for a new experience….! I got in the position she has deemed appropriate: bare bottom, raised shirt, laying across the hood of her car.  When she came out, she gently caressed each of my butt cheeks all the while telling me she didn’t appreciate being ignored in the manner that I did and that she was going to ensure I remembered going forward.  My cock had filled the Bon4 but I quickly lost focus on the sexual aspect of spanking.  The first swat set the tone as it was given with authority.  The heat instantly started building as she focused on the right cheek for 10 swats then the left cheek for 10 swats.  With each subsequent swat, my mind drifted to the thoughts of pure submission to my wonderful Bride.  “Are you going to come in or lay there all night” were the first words I remember after the paddling started.  She was again caressing each cheek as she asked me that question.  We went in and I sat at her feet massaging them and simply smiled:  massaging her feet after a spanking was magical. That was the last spanking I received until today!

Yesterday, MrsL came walking upstairs with 2 of my shirts, one pair of her shorts, and her sneakers and stood in front of my desk holding them.  Why I had walked past them for the past day was a mystery.  Maybe deep down I missed the discipline?  Maybe I was lost in my work because I am have a very tough investigation to resolve next week?  Maybe, Maybe, Maybe…?  It really didn’t matter.  “This is going to leave a mark” was all she said as she went in to our bedroom.  The remainder of the day yesterday through last night I was in a constant state of horny simply thinking about what she said.  This morning after breakfast, we had some alone time and she just looked at me and said “garage.”  The spanking was fast and impactful.  As I right this, nearly 5 hours later, there is still there is some faint redness with soreness.  There was only 1 swat for each item left downstairs on each cheek, 8 in total, enough to “leave her mark.”

I can’t explain the range of emotions I feel each time I am reminded I have broken a rule but they are exhilarating.  From the moment I am reminded I have broken a rule through the time waiting for the house to be empty is wonderfully erotic for me!  When I am headed to the garage, my chastity cage fills in anticipation up to the first contact between bamboo and skin.  As I absord the discipline, I go to a place of true LOVE and submission.  True submission to the woman of my dreams coupled chastity and orgasm control/denial is incredibly fulfilling.

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