The Test before the exam

Today, I had my annual skin cancer check up.  That entails a complete body exam: top to bottom every little nook and cranny inspected by the doctor.  As with all of my doctor’s appointments, MrsL allows me to be unlocked.  She has mentioned that as we progress the “regular” doctor’s visits that will not involve below the waist exams I will be remaining locked.

When I got ready to go to bed last night, MrsL asked me in to the laundry room to give her a hand with a load of towels.  As I walked in, she had her key in her hand and unlocked me with the following instructions: make sure you shave everywhere, take out your PA ring, and wait on me for your test.  I didn’t ask questions and went directly to our master bath and did just that: showered, shaved (face, neck, underarms, and of course MrsL’s cock & balls), and climbed in to bed in anticipation. It was really a long wait but well worth it once she came to bed.

MrsL came up about two hours later. I had tossed and turned the entire time and when the door opened my uncaged manhood immediately sprang to action.  However, her entry proved to be the first part of “the test” as she labeled the evening. She went in to the bath and I heard the bath water turn on and her climbing in to the tub.  The sounds from the bathroom made me believe she was also shaving which was later confirmed when she climbed on top of me to use me as she saw fit.  The entire time she was in the bathroom my cock was hard as a rock and it stayed that way the remainder of the evening.  After about 20 minutes she came out of the bathroom, ripped the duvet and sheet off of the bed and said, “let’s test your discipline tonight.”

First she stroked me gently with an extremely loose grip.  She would alternate gently dragging her fingers up from under my knees to my ball sac then stroke me a few times.  At one point, she leaned forward and I stilled myself to have her sexy lips engulf me….then she stopped!  As she giggled a bit she said “are you a bit anxious?”  to which I simply grunted a yes. She continued stroking my legs, balls, and cock for a few minutes then stopped.  She climbed on top of me letting her freshly shaved pussy slide up my leg.  As she did, she leaned over and whispered in my ear: “now comes the true test of your discipline…you are NOT allowed to cum tonight…but I am!”

With that she reached around, grabbed my raging hardon, and slid the head past her moist vaginal lips.  I was in heaven.  While it has only been a little over a week since she allowed me a full orgasm inside her the warmth and moistness nearly sent me over the edge.  She started a slow grind and alternated between shallow quick thrust and full on slow deep pulsing.  I could feel her squeezing with each deep thrust.  She told me to simply touch her ass if I was getting too close.  She edged me with her wonderful cunt for half an hour.  (NOTE: one of the reasons I used to masturbate was I have only ever been able to last long enough to give her an orgasm through intercouse once or twice so I have always relied on using my fingers, mouth, and tongue).  As she edged me, I could sense she was getting very very close to having her own orgasm (she told me this morning that she had gotten real close) and I lost count of how many times I had to touch her beautiful round ass…it must have been 9 or 10 times.  When she finally climbed off she immediately turned around and placed her dripping pussy over my mouth and started sucking me again.  Her scent and taste was intoxicating and she had her first orgasm of the night within minutes of planting herself on my mouth.  She took me to the brink 4 or 5 more times then swung around and continued stroking and sucking on HER cock (she reinforced that several times).  Each time I would get close, she would simply stop and place her hands on the base and lay her chin on her hands effectively stifling any orgasm at its source.  She finally rolled over on her back opened her legs and invited me to be inside her again.

“You can be inside me again but you still CANNOT CUM, understand?”  With that I drove my swollen manhood deep inside her.  As I was gently fucking her, I begged to cum numerous times and each time was greeted with a simple “NO.”  She started telling me when to start and stop and finally after another 5 or 6 trips to the “edge”  she looked at me and said “although you can’t cum…I am ready for more orgasms stop what you are doing and go down on my pussy.”  She layed back relaxed knowing she was about to be sent to the stratoshpere.

I licked, nibbled, and sucked on her until she had 5 orgasm each more intense than the last. She finally pulled me up on the bed, curled up beside me and told me I had passed my test and should now be ready for my exam.  As she dozed off she commented that her entire body was still electric and twitching.  She reached around and gently squeezed her cock and giggled.  “My body is not the only one still twitching and you passed your test.” was the last thing she said before falling asleep.

I got home this morning from my exam, dutifully put back on my Bon4, and went to MrsL who applied the lock.  With the click she smiled and said “only 31 more days until your birthday.”

Happy, locked and frustrated!!!

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