To set a date or not….

In previous attempts at enforced chastity, MrsL and I have tried everything: the dice game, the orgasm ratio game, throwing a dart at a calendar, etc to decide when/if I would be allowed an orgasm.  To be honest, I never liked any of them.  If the dice rolled out a large number I immediately lost interest; conversely, if it rolled a short number I was disappointed.  When it comes to MrsL’s orgasms to mine: i.e. 25 to 1, 50 to 1, etc I felt like I was still in control because she never really refused my advances and I could work through whatever ratio we set in 3 or 4 days.  So, this time we decided two things:

1. there would be NO predetermined day set for release

2. if she is not in the mood for an orgasm all she has to do is say, “not now” and I have to stop.

Well, the first 3 months went fantastically as I didn’t worry about when/if I was getting out, see my last post, and MrsL took me to a new plateau…28 days without an orgams.  At the end of that 28 days, I did something I haven’t accomplished in a long, long time:  gave her an orgasm while having intercourse and being able to have two erections within 20 minutes.  That was awesome.  Since that time, we still have not set dates for my orgasms but MrsL has been pretty consistent in giving me an orgasm of some sort every 12-15 days.  While it is always enjoyable to get out and have that orgasm it started to become predictable.

Maybe this is topping from the bottom but I mentioned that wonderful evening a couple of months back when I was able to please her sexually after being locked up, frustrated and horny, for 28 days while we were cuddling the other night.  She had just come back from her business trip and was very horny and it had only been a few days.  The morning after the night she got back we were laying in bed and I gave her a couple of great orgasms. We had fun that night as she had me get out her dildos and worked over my ass.  When she was finished, she simply said:  “I hope you are ready for a long, long time in that cage?  I think an orgasm on your birthday would be a great present.”  At that point she turned over and went to sleep.

With that, we have officially set our first date in the future.  My birthday is not until late August so just a quick glance at the calendar confirmed it will be the longest I have ever gone without an orgasm.  Since she made that statement this past weekend, she has been teasing me every time she gets a chance and nearly edged me last night almost to the point of no return.

I don’t like setting dates but there is no guarantee she will wait that long….or will not make me go longer so I guess rule #1 above is still in tact.

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