Crossfit and Male Chastity

It is funny.  How we believe we are fully committed to something but can find sneaky little ways to defeat the system only to finally realize the only person being fooled is yourself.

When I am not on the road traveling, which I do at least 2 weeks a month, I not only love to cycle but I found Crossfit.  It is throw back to my days in the Army…the camraderie and feeling of belonging. I had convinced myself and MrsL that I couldn’t do Crossfit in my Bon4.  I think I made that decision when she was letting me get the sizing right: tube length and ring diameter.  I so thoroughly convinced myself that I couldn’t work out in it that every other day I was getting out of my chastised state.  Granted, I was and still am committed to ending my masturbation habit but it was nice having a break every other day.

Well, last week while MrsL was away on a business trip herself, I decided to not use the emergency key and let myself out, which she completely approved of before she left, and try a workout in my Bon4.  I guess we found the right fit because not only was it not an issue…it actually provided a little more support during the workout.  Later that night as we were talking on FaceTime I admitted that I had worked out still locked up.  Initially, all she said was “are you crazy.” to which I replied no…just committed and dedicated to you.

Fast forward to today….as she was leaving to take my oldest son to his job (that is a story for another blog post…let’s just say that dealing with drug addiction is tough on everyone) I told her I had looked at the workout for the day and that it involved a lot of jumping (box jumps).  I asked her if I could be unlocked to workout.  She looked at me, smiled, and simply said: “I think you know the answer to that question.  Didn’t we just discuss how comfortable it was when you worked out last week.  Just in case you don’t know the answer….NO!”  With that she turned to walk away making sure I noticed her beautiful curvy ass in her white jeans.

The workout was fine. Again, there was much more support than just a regular pair of compression shorts and I made it through and feel great.

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