Where do I start….

Welcome to my blog.  Where do I start…at the beginning.  Probably not a great idea an initial post as it would take an epic the length of War and Peace; however, I will give you the Reader’s Digest version.

I have had an interest in male chastity for about 10 years.  I have asked, begged, cajoled my wonderful wife MrsL to try chastity many times in the past and none of them worked.  Primarily because she really didn’t understand and I was using it as a game.  After the first of the year, I was in a bad place emotionally and ignoring MrsL.  I could sense that after 26 years of marriage I needed to change. NOTE: we are a typical couple and both have our ups/downs.  I started researching chastity devices again but this time took a more sincere approach.

I started giving her foot massages every night. I started staying up with her at night as well (she is a night owl and I am an early riser but the sacrifice has been well worth it).  I started drawing hot bubble baths for her a couple of nights a weeks and helping her bathe.  I kept fresh flowers in the house which she loved and without saying anything started one simple habit:  I make our bed every morning when I am at home. One night after a hot bath while I was massaging her feet I asked a simple question:  can we try chastity again…I promise this time will be different?  I was pleasantly surprised when she looked at me, smiled, and simply said Yes.  We reviewed devices online and opted for the Bon4 silicone this time after trying the CBxxxx series.

Her family: Mom, Dad, and two sisters went on a family cruise in February as a family and the Bon4 arrived while she was on her cruise.  I put it on and haven’t looked back.  There have been a couple of extended breaks due to some swelling around scar tissue from my vasectomy but for the most part I stay locked 24/7.   She decides when I am out of my cage.  She decides when/if I have an orgasm. Most importantly, she gets all of my attention and receives orgasms almost daily from me orally.

Thanks for reading.  If you are looking for erotic porn…probably not the right blog.  If you are looking to read a guy’s journey in male chastity…you hopefully found a good place to read.

2 thoughts on “Where do I start….

  1. Just wanted to say congrats on your first post and thanks for adding to the list of us out there that dabble in this world. As someone who has also started and stopped and is in the middle of an upswing, it’s nice to know there are “happy endings” (pun intended).

    Good luck as you keep going and I look forward to following you.




    1. Thanks Drew. I really enjoy reading your blog. I especially can’t wait to see how your trip to Steelwerxx (sp) goes. I travel a lot as well and if there is a titanium option that would be great.


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