Metal Detectors

Figuring out the nuances of travel through airports while locked in chastity; especially in my case, is pretty easy.  As I chronicled earlier this week, MrsL’s travel process works great for us.  As a I corporate fraud investigator for a global company, not only do I travel a lot I also deal with the law … More Metal Detectors


First, let me rant about something definitely not chastity related….today’s modern bus station…oh I mean airport.  Flying on a Monday as a business traveler is crazy enough. I mean being out there with the thousands upon thousands of business people is bad enough some with their holier than thou smugness, some that despite flying every … More Travel….

Leaving Her Mark

Discipline. Is it a lifestyle choice that has to be included in an enforced male chastity household?  Is it just another kink adding spice to a rediscovered and energized sex life?  Or, is it simply just what it is….discipline?  Those were the questions running through my mind a couple of months back when MrsL broached … More Leaving Her Mark