Great birthday

My boss sent me home early this week so I could spend it with my family. Since it’s just MrsL and me in the house it was perfect! I don’t have time for details…sorry…and promise a full accounting sometime this weekend…but yesterday was awesome! Here are a few themes:  Got home to find her waiting… More Great birthday

A simple verse

At the recommendation of the folks from 25’s residential facility, MrsL and I have both been going to Nar Anon Family Group sessions.  I must admit I went with some hesitation because, well, I am a stubborn mule headed guy and didn’t think it would be beneficial.  Boy, have I discovered just how wrong I… More A simple verse

What a Sunday!

Ok, I still haven’t finished The Board Room.  The story is swirling in my head refusing to be transcribed into written word.  I am working on it…promise.  But after signing off of yesterday’s post my day went from good to great and stayed at great until bedtime last night. I knew I needed to shave… More What a Sunday!

The Board Room

Working alone in this over sized room had become such a tedious bore.  He had been on this investigation for two months trying to find the employee who was leaking intellectual property to their competitor.  The CEO didn’t want anyone to know he was there except himself and direct staff so the former board room;… More The Board Room

Welcome Home

I’ve been traveling now for 5 weeks straight, leaving early Monday and getting home late Friday, and it is starting to wear on me.  I have two more weeks of this, at a minimum, due to a major issue in one of our Baltimore facilities.  It is quite possible I will be up there all… More Welcome Home

Soreness & Swelling

I am not sure what happened this week but I had to FaceTime with MrsL last night and request to remove the EvotionWearables cage. There was some swelling and soreness in the piercing and in the balls. I had some swelling and tenderness around the scar tissue from the vasectomy over the weekend but thought… More Soreness & Swelling